• Kirsty Smedley

Exhibition in the new age.

My final exhibition for university will be live online within the month. It has been a great experience to look at ways to curate and showcase my work. At the start of the year, myself and my peers had been putting the plans together for an exhibition on our campus. I was also lucky enough to be chosen to have the opportunity to exhibit along with a few of my peers at free range festival at the Truman brewery in Shoreditch.

Unfortunately, the pandemic has changed the way we now must do things. Like every student in the world, we have been forced to think of new ways in which to complete our studies and ensure there is as little destruction as possible.

Thankfully we live in the age of technology and the internet is our loyal constant for allowing us to stay in contact with the outside world. It hasn’t been easy to keep morale going at these uncertain times, but we have managed to navigate our way through it. Weekly skype meetings and a group chat in which we can all put our ideas and allocate jobs that need to be conducted is one way in which we have been able to overcome this obstacle.

Before this all happened, our weekly face to face meetings were great. I would Chair and be responsible for meeting minutes and I also took it upon myself to ensure that those that lacked confidence to put themselves forward were heard.

Moving forward I am part of curating and arranging the publication which will contain an example of each person’s work and a small written statement.

This publication will be sent out to establishments, galleries, and individuals in the industry as a way to promote the students and create a presence for each of us within the industry.

Although we have had to adjust the way in which we will now be carrying out our final exhibition as a group, individually we have gained experiences (like creating websites for an online gallery and researching and networking with people and establishments to send our publication through to.). I think this is a skill that students in the future wont necessarily have fresh out of university. So it really is a blessing in disguise.

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