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I’m sure it’s perfectly natural to feel anxious upon leaving university. Even as a mature student with plenty of life experience, I have still felt unsure about where my life should go next.

The great thing about university is the preparation they give to ensure we have the confidence to move forward. Not only does the careers service support alumni for 3 years after graduating, our lectures have become a crutch upon which us students so desperately rely on.

One of our last modules have covered preparation for applying for work post university with workshops on CV writing and conducting mock interviews. Now, this is an area I am all too well familiar with. I have worked in a myriad of vocations from cleaning jobs to being a company director but there’s a huge difference when you invest 3 years of your life into an education that (you hope) will propel you into an industry that you really want to be a part of, those skills gained are valuable.

I mean I can’t lie, initially, when seeing that we were going to have a whole module dedicated to the practical side of things, I was pretty disappointed. I just wanted to create and learn about art, read about social issues etc, not waste my time pretending to interview for a job I’m not going to get and write another CV of which I’ve experienced for the past 20 or so years. I couldn’t be more wrong!

This was a brush up on a skill set that I truly needed. I feel confident in the knowledge that I am capable and able to push myself to achieve my goals now! I can’t say that the anxiety of the unknown has totally dissipated but its definitely a lot lower now I have this extra arsenal under my belt!

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